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Feeling in Seeing is Believing

The talk "Feeling in Seeing is Believing: the Visceral Dimension of Visual Politics" by Manos Tsakiris, Friday March 5th 2021 as part of the series of online talks "Neuroscience & Humanities hosted by Professor Vittorio Gallese

The talk covers some of the research we performed as part of the BIAS project on the political and performative nature of photojournalistic images. Photography mediates our experience of the world and our understanding of socio-political events. Beyond our cognitive judgments about the images we consume in the media, we respond and relate to (visual) politics in visceral, embodied ways. We will present a series of psychological and psychophysiological studies that investigate how visceral responses influence our judgments about photojournalistic images. Taken together our findings highlight the role of embodiment in determining our beliefs about realness in a political culture powered by images.



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